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Post the Hundred-and-Thirty-Sixth: Holiday Decor

Special Note: I really phoned it in today, Gentle Reader. I apologize in advance – but I did promise photos of my humble chamber. Try to enjoy, if you can. If you’re like me, Gentle Reader, your everyday decor is … Continue reading

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Post the Hundred-and-Thirty-Second: Friendsgiving

I hope your holiday was swell, Gentle Reader, if you’re American. If you’re not – well, I hope you had a decent Thursday, and hearing all about America’s self-obsession. I also hope you’re not punishing yourself by going out shopping … Continue reading

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Post the Seventy-First: In Which I Am Hungover And Absent

Gentle Reader, I will doubtless be hungover when you read these words. It’s the day after Pride, after all. Now, I know that there’s a lot of argument in the community about how Pride is just a corporate-sponsored giant party … Continue reading

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Post the Sixty-Sixth: In Which I Ramble Incoherently, and You Learn Illuminating Facts About Why I’ve Been Distracted

Guten Abend, Gentle Reader. The last week or two have been absolute chaos, and I’m afraid the pre-scheduled posts that I was so proud of ran out before I had an opportunity to write some more. That’s actually what I’ve … Continue reading

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Post the Fortieth: In Which We Find Poetic Interlude IV

Good afternoon, Gentle Reader. I’m not settled enough to do a proper post of either type; my cogs are whirring fast enough that they’ll break a tooth sooner rather than later. Therefore, I’m breaking my promise of photos and a … Continue reading

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